Cat and in front of the world’s attention

Cat and in front of the world’s attention
Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shugaify
The Egyptian Arabic Republic
Behavior taught that deserves a Nobel Peace Prize within the scope of honorable morals. An exciting shot that caught the attention of the world. She is at a loss, wanting an accurate explanation for this strange situation, which rarely occurs as a sign that carries with it the message of mercy and the realization of the mind and heart that everything that worships God glorifies and does not spend the language of praising these voices that he does not know. Its significance is only the owner of the workmanship who has mastered everything.
Situations, not jokes, for entertainment, a sermon in the mind, a cat that breaks into the mosque’s mihrab during Tarawih prayer at a known place and time, mediates the imam’s chest in humility and piety, like the worshipers behind his back, approaching, turning around him, ascending on his body, knowing the certainty that he is speaking to God, so she has no fear of anyone’s oppression while he is In front of the truth, she came kissing the Sheikh’s face, standing on his shoulder in peace and calmness, so there was nothing from him except reassurance and trust in God, as if he knew that it was a circumambulation witnessing him, but rather passing behind him over the path, witnessing him at the meeting.
How beautiful is his sweet voice in his recitation of the Holy Qur’an, and how wonderful the congregation’s fear is behind the shadows of the spirituality of the wise remembrance. A humble, touching recitation, a crying voice, and a divine direction. Its beauty is not comparable to a great matter, but rather a message that addresses minds. Will they not ponder? He never departed from his prayer, but placed it between his arms gently and completed his prayer as if he was reassured and not in a hurry. Inside his heart is a great matter, and in his eyes joy brings glad tidings to him from the soldiers of the Merciful. He hears from the mouth of the sheikh a chilling mention.
The crowd is in complete stillness prostrating and kneeling, praising and thanking people, lining up and adding an animal to them from the people of the earth. A cat speaks in a language that only its owners can understand. We do not perceive the voices and we do not know their meanings, but the message from heaven came in support of the word of God. A non-human creature who does not make noise hears his speech kisses the face and head of the imam and they are together in reverence and piety. Everyone in the kingdom of God glorifies, worships and worships in a hermitage prepared for God.
I watched and was touched. I wished to be behind this imam whom God bestowed upon him from His bounty and gave him wisdom and steadfastness, and excelled in his recitation of the Qur’an.
And he comes on a circumambulation like this while I am in the sanctuary of God’s house, my most faithful home, a moment in which conquests, overflowing, and giving are manifested, rather gifts from God. He is considered an imam who did not collapse, but rather the lights of his face were like the full moon in the sky.
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