Coronavirus FAQ — What is COVID-19?

A: The virus known as coronavirus faq, or COVID-19, is scattering rapidly around the world. It causes a extreme respiratory condition that can result in serious illness and sometimes death.

This is a new tension of the coronavirus family. It’s called a new virus because it’s different from past strains with this type and has never been noticed in humans prior to. The earliest case of the disease was reported in China and tiawan in 2019.

Coronaviruses typically spread for every person through tiny droplets made when ever someone splutters or sneezes. They can as well spread through contact with saliva or mucus. Health care personnel, including doctors and healthcare professionals, are at a higher risk for infection mainly because they often operate close distance to sick persons.

In most cases, persons infected with this disease have soft symptoms that last regarding two to three weeks. But some people acquire very sick and tired and need to be hospitalized.

Scientists are racing to develop a vaccine against this new form of coronavirus. However it could be several months before one is available to the public.

Until afterward, experts say that the best way to safeguard yourself you is to practice good good hygiene. Wash both hands frequently and thoroughly with soap, especially after going to the bathroom and before ingesting or drinking anything. Additionally important clean visible dirty surfaces in your home with a household disinfectant listed on the Environmental Coverage Agency’s list N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Make sure to look into the product ingredients label and go along with directions just for safe work with.

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